Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hey guys! It’s been a crazy few weeks since I last posted. With Eyleen’s last treatment they took out the Adriamycin chemo and with it decided not to give her the neulasta shot because Adriamycin is the one that drops your white blood count. Plus she was supposed to get a PET scan on March 23 and the neulasta could affect the PET. The whole weekend before the 23rd she wasn’t feeling well and it continued until she woke me up at 3:30 in the morning on the 23rd with a fever of 104.7. At first I thought the thermometer HAD to be broken so I ran to the CVS real quick and got a new one that immediately went back to 104.7 when I put it in her mouth. I got her in the car and called Dr. Marks on the way to the hospital to let him know I was taking her to the ER by our house. She was admitted later that morning with pneumonia and dangerously low white blood cells. A normal person’s WBC is 4.3 to 10.8. Eyleen’s was .3. She was in the hospital in a private room and we all had to wear masks and gloves in the room. They told her she’d be lucky if she’d get out on Saturday. Thursday night her WBC were still .3. Friday as I left from work she called me and told me that they were discharging her because her WBC went up to 1.3 and her pneumonia was almost all cleared up.
The hospital staff was VERY impressed with what a fast recovery she made. She works real well with medication. And is doing VERY well now, especially since she’s back at school. Having to rest AND being on Spring Break was NOT helping her because she couldn’t do anything and it was stressing me out because I’ve never seen anyone who just couldn’t RELAX. Haha

First let me preface this next thing by telling everyone something that alot of people didn’t know. We decided not to tell everyone except a few friends and our families because we wanted to see how things played out. Back in Jan. when Eyleen had her PET scan we found out that not only did she have the main tumor in her breast but she also had spots on her spine, her sternum, femur, hip and rib under her breast. It’s a scary thing to see and even scarier to deal with knowing that you’re stage 4.
Through all of this Eyleen never got down and continued and still does continue to kick cancer’s ass. But we didn’t want to let everyone know about the diagnosis when she was still fighting.
So anyways.
April 1 Eyleen went to Dr. Marks with her mom to find out what was going on. She called me around 415 or so and the first words out of her mouth were “It’s Gone.” I was so excited, “That’s great I thought now we can start focusing on the bone spots.” “No, it’s GONE in the bones.” She told me. “The bones are clear and the main tumor has shrunk by 99% overall.”
I don’t remember much after that. I remember running around my office telling everyone the most INSANE MIRACLE news I’ve ever gotten until Amber tearing up herself looked at me and demanded I get out of the office and go home with the biggest thing of flowers and cake and celebrate.
And that’s exactly what I did. I brought home the most gorgeous flowers and cupcakes from our favorite cupcake place and had an amazing weekend.
Yes, Eyleen’s cancer is gone from her bones.
She still has this 6th treatment then 3 more after that to get her to summer where she’ll get a right side mastectomy and then will receive radiation on the main tumor site. She’ll go on to Tamoxifen and an oral chemo and at the end of summer she will be NED (no evidence of disease). We’re praying for a LOOOOOOONNNNGGG long stay from NED. He can stay around as long as he likes, which will probably be for the next 50 years since it’s Eyleen and her crazy overachieving butt. :)


  1. I believe it is appropriate to say Hallafuckinluyah here. so i did. :) WAHOOOO!

  2. Oh my gosh I am so sad and happy at the same time to read this. I'm sad to hear she had spots on her spine, bones, hips, etc. That makes me very very sad. But I am thrilled to hear the cancer is gone from her bones!!!

    Eyleen is quite a fighter!!