Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rockin' It Out

Eyleen is at Chemo right now and I want to first of all give MAD props to Mark, Lois and Shane for this being the first time I've had to take a day off work to take Eyleen to her visits. I love you guys so much for the help.
10 days ago was Eyleen's appointment with the doctor and to get her Xgeva shot after her 4th treatment. It was earlier than it usually is but at that time her tumor had shrunk another 5% overall and a 50% reduction after the 3rd treatment. Well today she had to see the doctor before her 5th treatment to go over the results of her MUGA heart test. In 10 days between that time her tumor shrunk another 1%. She's sitting at 96% reduction overall. It's so small now that the doctor had to press hard to find it. :)
On the MUGA front, her heart function is at borderline normal so they're taking the A out of her TAC treatment and they're giving her a medicine to help get her heart function back to normal.
The medicine will also help her water pill work better, which is good because the xgeva is kicking her butt and swelling of her feet and legs is crazy.
Next Friday she'll have another PET scan and then we'll get the results before 6th and hopefully final treatment. Keep your fingers, toes and everything else crossed folks. :)