Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Sorry for the overdueness of this post. It’s been a hard last month in the Schmavenport house.
The Monday before Eyleen’s 3rd treatment my grandma passed away. I went to Sanford to be with my family for the funeral and Eyleen did a round of chemo assisted by our friend, Shane as her chauffeur.
When I came back Eyleen had extreme pain in her back. It lasted the whole weekend and Monday I called the doctor to get her some pain pills. Monday night I went to CVS and they didn’t have anything. It was late in the day when I called the doctor so I thought it would be there Tuesday. WRONG. Tuesday went by with me calling CVS 484759 times and the doctor’s office just as much. Wednesday came around and I called the doctor who told me they sent over the prescription on Monday. Eyleen was in so much pain she was hunched over her desk at school and had to have help to her car. The doctor called CVS and chewed them out and the meds were ready by the time Eyleen was almost home. The back pain is gone now so that’s really good. Then last week on Wednesday Eyleen came screaming down the stairs shoving her foot in my face. She had magically over the last few days sprouted cankles. She was so bloated her feet were purple. Friday was her appointment but I called them on Thursday anyway. Friday came and the doctor took a look, told her she had about 6-8 lbs. in each leg and have her medicine to reduce the water retention.
ALSO he gave us the news that within two months and three treatments her tumor has shrunk 90%. He thinks after today’s 4th chemo in a few weeks it will be almost indetectable. Eyleen is a freaking ROCKSTAR!
You know who else is a rockstar!? Eyleen’s parents. They came down on Sunday and have been working around our house the whole week. Tearing up carpet and staining stairs, grouting, caulking, cleaning, cooking. They’ve done everything and I love them for it. I can’t even put into words how much this week has meant to not only me but of course Eyleen who loves having her parents around.

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  1. Good grief y'all have been thru a lot!!! I cannot believe Eyleen had 6-8 lbs of water in each leg! I'm glad the back pain has stopped.

    Wow, I cannot get over how well her body is accepting the treatments. That is fantastic news!!!!!