Saturday, January 29, 2011

Round 2 I'm Tyson at his prime and this cancer is on the ropes

So after the success of round 1 Dr. Marks said to expect some reduction but not the reduction we had in round one. Little did he know, my immune system is apparently Tyson in his prime.  We shrunk it another 50% from round 1 for a total of drum roll please ... 80%.  More numbers to toss at you.. when I started this journey, the tumor measured 8 by 10 or a mass of 80 it covered pretty much the whole breast. I had a lymph node the size of a  ping pong ball and a scar on the side that measured 16cm. Yeah it was that bad. 

Now my tumor measures 3.5 by 4 or a mass of 14. The lymph is no longer detectable and the scar is no longer measurable. While I still need 6 total rounds, Dr. Marks now expects the tumor to be shrunk into nothing by the 4th treatment. 
Also, Christine has been fighting a cold for 3 weeks that I haven't gotten, why? Well apparently my blood counts are still in the range of a normal non chemo taking person.  Still can't eat a salad oh well.


  1. What wonderful news, we'll keep those prayers coming and you keep fighting. Hugs and Kisses

  2. That is great news! So I'm thinkin' Tyson prime also includes biting off the ear, or in your case tumor...but don't go for the face are beautiful just the way you are!!

  3. yeah, i'm with kathleen... lets make it an ALI analogy, baby... you got butterflies and bees all over the place...incredible...

  4. You have got to be one of the toughest women I know! Keep on kickin that cancer butt. =)